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ODROID Motherboards

Hardkernel began its journey 10 years ago in 2009 and it has been a story of thorough and throughout the success. ODROID Motherboards now have earned their position at the center of the stage of world-wide Mini-PC computing.

The usability and scope of the ODROID Motherboards range from basic desktop-computing to home automation. They facilitate you with multimedia file storage and cluster-based academic research. The variety of ODROID Motherboards means that there is something for everybody interested in basic and complex computing. Talking about general-computing, Raspberry Pi is the first name that comes to mind. But the problem is that almost all Raspberry Pi models feature similar specs apart from one or two additional features. But ODROID is playing on a different level. These PCs are here to do something bigger. For instance, the C generation came with cluster-based SoC. The XU generation jumps to a completely different processing unit.

Raspberry Pi is excellent as long as you are passing through the learning phase. But when it comes to advanced computing, ODROID Motherboards turn up as a suitable option. For instance, the ODROID-C2 was introduced as a Raspberry Pi 3 competitor. This Motherboard features Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 but it takes the lead thanks to its 2GB RAM and 4K video supportive HDMI 2.0. Professionals liked ODROID-C2 and mostly used these PCs as a Media Center.

ODROID-XU4 is something you can’t ignore when considering ODROID Motherboards. We, at, offer ODROID-XU4, ODROID-XU4Q with passive heatsink and ODROID-XU4 with the cooling fan. XU4 has been a huge success for ODROID PCs. The XU4 is known for its impressive performance when it came to game-console emulation with Nintendo 64 and Playstation Portable, etc. And don’t forget to have a look at ODROID-N2 and ODROID-H2, relatively recent ODROID releases with plenty of impressive specifications!