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ODROID Accessories

ODROID Accessories

ODROID is the name that comes to mind when we think about Raspberry Pi alternatives. There are various reasons and one of them is the wide range of ODROID compatible accessories. ODROID PCs comes with high-end processing units and on top of that, these boards carry a long list of hardware components. The PCB alone doesn’t do everything for you. The idea here is to make the most of ODROID accessories using the connectivity interfaces.

Our range of ODROID accessories features a variety of products. We have oCam 5MP USB 3.0 Camera that comes with the transparent casing. This is the upgrade on the oCam-5CR-U3. It contains the OmniVision OV5640 camera sensor with CMOS image sensor and the focal length is 6mm. Then we have the USB-CAM 720P for ODROID that contains the SONIX SN9C259 USB Image Controller and NT99141 (Novatek) Image Sensor. If you are using ODROID-XU7 and XU7 Plus display then you can opt for the Power Bridge Board (USB-DC) to get rid of voltage ripple.

We have a range of ODROID compatible power supply adapters with EU and UK plugs. Here you can find 5V/4A Power Supply for ODROID XU4, 12V/2A Power Supply for XU4, 5V/2A Power Supply for ODROID PCs, and more. The list of ODROID accessories also contains the 92x92x25mm DC Cooling Fan with Tachometer/PWN/Speed Sensor that is capable of rotating at 2000 RPM. It is compatible with 5V/250mA DC and has the low-frequency controllable PWM.

Do not forget to check out the 13-in-1 sensor kit. This is something almost every developer must have been looking for. The kit includes 13 important sensors and you don’t have to look for them separately. These sensors include the UV sensor, Liquid Level Sensor, Temp/Humidity Sensor, Hall Sensor, and more.

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