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Power Supply Guide

Find the right power supply for your Odroid

Which type of case should I choose for my Odroid?

There are different levels of quality with different materials and features.

·  Injection molded plastic cases
These chassis are cheaper to buy and you can build an affordable system. They are often easy to assemble.


·  Bent metal cases- Aluminum / Steel

Usually powdercoated on steel or powder coated / Anodized on aluminum. metal chassis has ahigher quality level both visually and functionally. The Odroid circuit boardsare attached in a more solid way with screws and are more stable in thechassis. The extra weight helps to make the chassis lie stable and not moveback and forth as much as soon as you connect sensors or just play games. Thebent chassis is space-efficient and thin-walled. It provides a compact chassison the outside but spacious inside that can provide space before the UPS,batteries cooling fins / fans to cool down the processors.


·  CNC milled Aluminum cases

This type of chassis has the highest level of quality. Everything is very precisely cut out of blocks of aluminum. The technology makes it possible to leave material inside the chassis that can be used to create a contact with the processor. It makes the whole chassis turn into a great passive cooling. No more fans that can emit sound. CNC milling is a costly manufacturing technique and therefore the end product has a higher price.

Which power adapter for my Odroid card?

To choose the power adapter, it is easiest to check which power Hardkernel recommends the different products. We recommend choosing official products and we have all Hardkernel's PSUs on and in each product description you can find which adapter fits which card. See examples of suitable combinations below:

EU- 12V/2A Fits Odroid N2, Odroid N2+, Odroid C4, Odroid HC2

EU- 5V/4A  Fits Odroid XU4, Odroid XU4Q, Odroid MC1

EU- 5V/2A  Fits Odroid C2, Odroid Go Advance

EU- 15V/4A Fits  Odroid H2+, Odroid HC4

USB-C 5V/1,5Aincluded in  Odroid GO Super Dim Gray


Choice of memory card eMMC / Micro SD for Odroid offers a number of memory cards in the form of eMMC modules or Micro SD cards. Both options work well with choosing eMMC is considered a slightly better solution.

Many of the eMMC cards have been pre-installed with the Linux or Android operating system,which means that you just insert the card and everything starts up.

The memory cards have different storage capacities, so choose the one that suits you best.

How to install (HA) Home Assistant or other Operating Systems on Odroid N2 + or other Odroid products?nstead of the pre-installed Operating Systems, other operating systems can be installed. In the case of the EMMC modules, a USB stick( USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer) is used to which the EMMCcard is attached. The USB stick is then inserted into the computer and the installation can be completed.

History of Odroid / Hardkernel

Odroid is a great success story. A bunch of Korean IT geeks started the small company in 2009 and immediately surprised everyone with the launch of the world's very first game console for developing Android games using the S5PC100. It was in the autumn of 2009 that gave these experts the real hope of gaining a global impact.

The list of successful ODROID releases is long. Currently, the ODROID phenomenon is popular all over the world and it is due to the exceptional performance compared to the popular Raspberry Pi computers. The experts compare the ODROID and Raspberry Pion the basis of performance / price ratio.

We have a Swedish warehouse in Gothenburg and send most orders with 1st class consignment note with fast delivery time. Product letters end up directly in your mailbox or are announced via letter, SMS or email if possible.

For many or large goods, we send with DHL and can if you are a private person picked up at DHL service point and if you are a Business Customer delivered directly to the company.


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At we offer reliable payment methods. Currently, our payment methods include:

1. PayPal
2. Credit / Debit Card
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