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USB 3.0 eMMC Module Writer 2

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Streamline your OS image flashing process with the USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer 2, offering a convenient and hassle-free solution. Gone are the days of relying on separate USB card readers—simply attach your eMMC module directly to your PC or Mac using this cutting-edge writer board. Enjoy a faster, more efficient way to flash your OS image, without compromising on performance or convenience.

Unleash Lightning-Fast Data Transfer with USB 3.0 Interface

Experience swift and seamless data transfer speeds with the USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer 2's USB 3.0 interface. Unlike traditional SD 4-bit width interfaces, our writer board leverages a native eMMC 8-bit wide data interface for optimal performance. Say goodbye to slow transfers and embrace a more efficient flashing process.

Maximize Performance with HS200 Mode

Harness the power of HS200 mode with the USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer 2, delivering exceptional performance that accelerates data transfer rates. By minimizing waiting times, this mode boosts productivity, making your flashing experience faster and more efficient.

Enhanced Compatibility for Diverse Platforms

Enjoy wide compatibility across multiple platforms with the USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer 2. Whether you're using Windows, Mac, or Linux, our writer board seamlessly integrates with your preferred operating system. Experience effortless connectivity and operation, regardless of your platform of choice.

Tailor-Made for ODROID Orange, Red, and Blue eMMC Modules

Specifically designed for ODROID Orange, Red, and Blue eMMC modules, the USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer 2 ensures perfect compatibility and optimized performance. Streamline your flashing process and effortlessly flash OS images onto your preferred ODROID modules, tailored to their specific requirements.

Simplified Operation with Recommended Software

Discover a smooth and intuitive flashing experience using recommended software tools such as Etcher or Win32DiskImager on your PC. These user-friendly options are fully compatible with the USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer 2, ensuring seamless interaction and a simplified flashing process.

Protect Boot Blocks for Data Integrity

Rest assured that your data is safeguarded with the USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer 2. While providing easy access to your eMMC module, our writer board respects the integrity of hidden boot blocks. Your critical boot data remains secure, ensuring the reliability and safety of your OS image.

Compact Design with Optimal Power Efficiency

The USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer 2 boasts a compact design measuring just 60x26x4.5 mm, fitting seamlessly into any workspace. Enjoy optimal performance with minimal power consumption, as the writer board operates at a rated power of 5V/500mA (including the eMMC module).


  • Mode: HS200
  • Interface: USB3.0
  • Data Interface: 8bit Native eMMC
  • Compatible eMMC Modules: Works with Red, Blue, and Orange Hardkernel (Odroid) eMMC Modules (DOES NOT support the Black eMMC Modules)
  • Software Support for PC: Win32DiskLmager and Etcher
  • Rated Power: 5V/500mA (when eMMC module is added)
  • Operating System Compatibility: Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 26mm x 4.5mm

Note: The USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer 2 is not compatible with Black eMMC Modules.

Items Included

  • USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer 2