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Memory & Network

The Memory & Network section offers a variety of pre-installed eMMC modules, MicroSD Cards, Jumper Cables, WiFi/Bluetooth dongles and more. Just when eMMC was going out of trend, the Mini-PC industry helped the revival of flash memory. Still, it is no secret that most of the beginners and even the professionals don’t like to go through the OS installation process. If you are using ODROID PCs, you need not worry about the installation of OS anymore.

If you are using XU4, take a look at some eMMC Linux modules for XU4 we have at our store. These eMMC chips are available with pre-installed Ubuntu. In addition, if you need are looking for Android OS, we have eMMC modules for XU4 with pre-installed Android so that you don’t have to go through the installation process. These modules are ready to work straight out of the box. You can choose from different storage options ranging from 8GB to 64GB. These chips are basically 0.4 PCB revision. The good thing about eMMC modules is that their read/write speed is faster as compared to that of the MicroSD Cards. If you compare with Class-10 MicroSD, the eMMC is 7-time faster thanks to the 5.0 b-bit DDR Mode / HS400 JEDEC/MMCA. also offers SanDisk MicroSD UHS-1 for XU4 with pre-installed Linux. These cards feature more stable SDR104 UHS-1 and MLC NAND Memory. The write speed is 2MB/sec. whereas the read speed is 7MB/sec. These cards are faster than Class-10 Cards.

Don’t miss out the network accessories for ODROID which include Dual-Band WiFi USB, WiFi Mini Single Band, USB to MicroUSB Cable, Ethernet Cable, Jumper Cables, and more. These are the accessories which make the real difference through high-speed data transfer to speed up your projects. Scroll down and have a look at different Memory and Network options we offer to support your ODROID PCs.