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ODROID PCs are extensive units in terms of features, compatibility, and components on the PCB. But it gives rise to the significance of proper care for these PCs. For example, the ODROID-H2 is a comparatively bigger PCB and comes with some additional components. You need something reliable to protect these PCs. Various manufacturers come up with different ideas and even the official cases from Hardkernel are a bit bulky in terms of their design and outlook. They are much bigger than the PCB itself.

Here at, we have a number of metallic cases for ODROID. They are the official KKSB-Cases production. The best thing about these metal cases is minimal design. These cases have cutouts for all components, even the push and reset buttons. The size of these casings is almost identical to the size of the ODROID PC they are designed for.

KKSB-Cases designers have made sure to keep these cases vent-friendly. They have extended air-vents to let the heat go out and fresh air get into the system. Though these cases are made from high-grade metals, their finishing is delicate. The outlook is attractive and aesthetically appealing.

KKSB-Cases takes pride in going a step ahead by introducing a creative solution to get rid of the cooling fan. For example, the Machined Aluminum Case for ODROID XU4 and XU4Q features a smart design which works as a heatsink. This case comes with the 2mm thermal pad. It means that you don’t have to use the cooling fan or taller heatsink with ODROID XU4.

And then we have the ODROID-XU4Q case that accommodates taller heatsinks because it has a wide-open space to let the heatsink pass through. On the other side, there are vents for cooling fan which comes with this casing.

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