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KKSB Odroid N2L Case - Black Steel Enclosure - Display and DIN Rail Mounting Support

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KKSB Odroid N2L Case is made of steel and finishing with black powder-coating. The case is compatible with Odroid N2L board and has space for the Odroid N2L original cooler.

This Odroid N2L protective case offers a range of features to keep your device safe and secure, while also enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Mounting and Convenience

KKSB Odroid N2L steel case supports multiple mounting options, including VESA 75 compatible holes for mounting on a monitor. The case also comes with rubber feet for added stability and is compatible with the KKSB DIN rail clip (not included).

This makes it easy to place your Odroid N2L wherever you need it, whether on your desk or mounted on a wall.

Protection & Durability

Steel structure makes this Odroid N2L enclosure durable while the black powder-coating with curved edges make it presentable in most scenarios. The case is designed to securely hold the Odroid N2L in place, with the board secured by four screws. This rigid construction ensures that your device is protected from any accidental damage, and is built to last.


This Odroid N2L Case is designed with your convenience in mind. The case provides access to a GPIO cable, with a slot in the lower part of the case, making it easy to connect your peripherals. The case also includes space for the Odroid N2L original cooler, ensuring that your device stays cool and runs smoothly.

Aesthetic Appeal

The KKSB Odroid N2L Case is designed to look as good as it performs. The hexagonal-patterned ventilation holes on top of the case provide a stylish touch, while the labelled connectors make it easy to identify and connect your cables. The lid and bottom of the case snap-fit together, creating a sleek and clean look, without the need for any screws.

Possible Applications

You can use this Odroid N2L case for various N2L applications including but not limited to:

  • Home Media Centers: The compact design and esthetically appealing appearance of the case make it a great choice for building a home media centre, especially when mounted on a monitor.
  • Industrial Automation and Control: VESA 75 compatibility and DIN rail clip mounting options make it suitable for use in industrial environments where mounting on monitors or industrial rails are required.
  • Research and Development: Secure mounting, labelled connectors, and access for GPIO cables make this Odroid N2L case a good choice for use in research and development settings, where the device needs to be protected and connected to various peripherals.
  • Digital Signage: The case's VESA compatibility and esthetically pleasing design make it a suitable choice for use in digital signage applications, where the device needs to be securely mounted and have a professional appearance.
  • DIY Projects: This Odroid N2L Steel Case is ideal for hobbyists and makers who are looking to build their own projects and need a compact, sturdy, and stylish case to house their device.


  • Brand: KKSB Cases
  • Compatible SBC: Odroid N2L
  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing: Black powder-coated
  • Connector Access: Labelled cutouts for Odroid N2L interfaces including USB ports, HDMI port, Power Jack, PWR, GPIO, MIPI DSI, and MicroSD Slot, etc.
  • Ventilation Support: Ventilation holes on top | Space for Odroid N2L Cooler
  • GPIO Access: Dedicated cutout for GPIO cable
  • Mounting Options: Precut VESA 75 mounting holes for mounting on a display unit | Compatible with KKSB DIN Rail Clip | 4x rubber feet for slip-free desktop orientation

Why Should You Buy This Case?

  • Convenience: With its multiple mounting options, labelled connectors, and access to GPIO cables, the KKSB Odroid N2L Case makes it easy to use your device and connect it to your peripherals.
  • Protection: The case's steel construction and black powder coat finish provide a durable and protective barrier for your Odroid N2L, helping to keep it safe from accidental damage.
  • Use As You Like: Mount on a VESA 75 compatible monitor for multimedia applications, or on a DIN rail for industrial applications or simply use as a desktop.
  • Ease of Use: The case's two-part design and snap-fit lid and bottom make it easy to access and use your Odroid N2L, while still providing a secure fit.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The case's hexagonal pattern ventilation holes and clean, screw-less design make it an attractive and stylish solution for your Odroid N2L.

Items Included

  • KKSB Odroid N2L Case
  • Rubber Feet
  • Fasteners

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