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Odroid H2 and H2+ Net Card with 4x 2.5 GbE Ports

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The Odroid H2 Net Card and Odroid H2 and H2 plus boards are highly compatible with each other. Through the four 2.5 GbE ports in this network card, you can enhance your Ethernet connectivity options.

Unlike normal boards that have slow and do not offer good operation, the Odroid H2 features two1GbE Ethernet ports to allow for better operation.

Moreover, with the plus Odroid H2, you can get four extra ports of 2.5 GbE through its two Ethernet ports of 2.5 GbE. The extra ports allow for a better networking option. Additionally, it also enhances performance and enables its users to work on plenty of applications.

Applications of Odroid H2/H2+ Net Card

  • Provides better Ethernet speed.
  • If used with the board of H2 plus, you can create a server for up to six clients
  • With the H2+ board, the router and DIY gateway ensures 2.5 GbE speed for each port for a maximum of five customers

Important Note

You cannot operate the Odroid H2 Net Card and any other Odroid Board or a third-party SBC together because it only has compatibility with the Odroid H2 and H2+