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About Us is here to supply a comprehensive range of Odroid PCs, hardware accessories, and kits worldwide. This is arguably the most popular computer hardware product line that has impressed thousands of users over the last 10 years and things are still promising with each new release. Here you will find all the Odroid products at suitable prices. We deliver worldwide and delivery charges are free for anyone who spends over 90 Euros.

Our Vision

“We envision a tech-world where everyone has equal opportunity to contribute and create at some level while promoting the industry to the positive use of technology”

Our Mission

“Our mission is to become the most trusted worldwide open-hardware supplier by helping you with the provision of all top-quality open-hardware solutions at affordable prices”

Our Values

We have a set of values to follow to make sure that nothing goes off track and our customers keep benefiting from our services without an issue.


We say what we do and we do what we claim! Credibility is at the core of and this is because we are here to facilitate worldwide customers. We only select the best and the most reliable products which carry value for your money. We are not in favor of just piling up the list of products to maximize sales. Our focus remains on quality, low-cost, and more enhanced functionality.

To make sure that you get a clear idea of the product and its functions, features, and specs, we come up with a true and honest description of each product. We come up with disclaimers and warnings if needed to let you know ahead of time if the product needs careful handling or additional support.

Customer Service

We are devoted to supporting our visitors and customers with credible service. We welcome our customers to contact us anytime from anywhere. Our support is available 24/7. Use the contact details to reach and we will try our best to respond as soon as possible. We are here to build trust and make a name in the industry and it is only possible by satisfying each of our customers with truthfulness, credibility, and speedy delivery.

YOU Come First! believes in customer-oriented service by giving first priority to customers. But we can’t do it alone from our end. Customer satisfaction required knowing the exact needs and expectations of customers. We love talking to you so that we can know what exactly you expect and which products are you expecting in our store. We base our decisions on your suggestions and recommendations. You are the one to guide us and let us know which features you want us to add to our services. We will try our best to comply as soon as possible. It is a two-way process where the customer is always right. Looking forward to your opinion, feedback, and recommendations!

 Products offers a comprehensive range of Odroid hardware, PCs, Kits, and more. These products include WiFi Dongles, Odroid Cameras, Odroid Kits including PCs, memory cards, supplies, and cooling fan, Odroid cables, etc.

What is ODROID?

Hardkernel Co., Ltd., is based in South Korea and the company takes pride in creating tablet computers and single-board computers to facilitate the developers. The term ODROID is basically a mixture of Open-Android. But the fact is that ODROID hardware is not exactly the Open hardware if you speak on technical grounds. The truth is that Hardkernel itself retains some design parts. But that is not an issue as long as these solutions keep solving computing problems. The good news is that ODROID hardware is not only compatible with Android but it also runs on Linux distributions.

History of Hardkernel (ODROID) 

Hardkernel (ODROID) is an amazing success story. A bunch of IT geeks started the small company in 2009 and immediately took everyone by surprise with their release of the World’s very first game console for the development of Android games with the help of S5PC100. It was in Fall 2009 which gave these experts the real hope of making a worldwide impact.

Then in spring 2010, the company release the ODROID-T. It was yet again the first of its kind in the world. This marked the beginning of Android 10.1 Tab-Development with the help of Exynos3110.

Soon after ODRID-T, it was ODROID-S to follow its predecessors in Summer 2010. It was a low-cost mobile development module based on SAMSUNG S5PC110 1GHz and it worked with Exynos3110.

Then came the ODROI-7 in Fall 2010 that allowed to develop CNS/eBooks with the help of Exynos3110.

ODROID-A was released in Spring 2011 and this turned out to the world’s first Dual-Core tab-development platform that came with the 3G modem.

ODROID-N2 – Moving Beyond Expectations

The list of successful ODROID releases is long. At the moment, the ODROID phenomenon is popular worldwide and this is because of the exceptional performance in comparison to the popular Raspberry Pi PCs. The experts compare ODROID and Raspberry Pi on the basis of the performance/price ratio.

The recent ODROID N2 release has taken the market by storm. This hardware is competing vigorously against Raspberry Pi. It was released in February 2019 and featured a couple of variants, i.e. 2GB RAM and 4GB RAM. This board features a big.Little configuration based on ARM Cortex-A72 @1.8GHz and a Cortex-A53 Dual-Core @1.9GHz. Mali-G52 (6-Execution Engines) @864 MHz is suggestive of a high-end processing unit.

According to Hardkernel spokesperson, ODROID-N2 carries a 20% faster multi-core processing unit and 35% faster memory as compared to its predecessor, ODROID-N1.

At the moment, N2 supports a couple of Ubuntu 18.04 Long Term Support images along with 4.9.162 Long Term Support kernel. The company claims that it is going to keep on supporting the hardware till January 2023. In addition, ODROID-N2 also supports Android Pie (Otherwise called Android 9) but upon a few conditions: 64-Bit kernel and 32-Bit user-land along with 2K GUI resolution and 4K video output.

According to the official statement, the company claims that it will eventually come up with 64-Bit support for Android with Vulkan compatible GPU driver. It might well take a few months though. The company is working on a Linux Wayland driver with Amlogic and Arm.

ODROID-N1 – A Serious Competitor

Hardkernel seems to somehow challenge other established brands by introducing something that offers identical features and faster speed at a low price as compared to that of other brands. ODROID-N1 supporting Android 7.1 and featuring Hexa-core SoC turned out to give a tough competition to established brands. This PC came with 5K support and 4GB RAM. The specs are similar to that of the Samsung Chromebook ($449). ODROID-N1 was priced at $110.

Apart from the price difference, ODROID-N1 crushes Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. It only lacks Wi-Fi support which is a big plus on Raspberry Pi. But ODROID-N1 has much more to impress with. It is versatile, supports Linux-based PCs, boards, and media centers. It comes with 1080p video playback support thanks to the impressive GPU. It also supports 4K videos thanks to its system-on-a-chip RK3399. This Ubuntu 18.04 supportive board outperformed Raspberry Pi 3 Model B in terms of speed and functionality.

ODROID-N1 is 6 times faster than Raspberry Pi 3 while charging only 3-times of the Price of Raspberry Pi 3. The experts suggest that this is because ODROID-N1 carries the RK3399 (Rockchip) and it means the Hardkernel is hitting hard and will continue to do so in the future.

Pine64 also released RockPro64 that featured RK3399 Hexa-core system-on-chip but the company reduced cost by compromising on the wireless module.

The race is ongoing and it is good for the industry. We keep getting more features with the freedom of making a smart choice by comparing different products. ODROID has not only managed to challenge Raspberry Pi and other alternatives, but it has set its eyes on giving a tough time to the likes of Samsung – a relatively much bigger name.


We facilitate you with quick and reliable delivery. As soon as you place your order, our delivery system makes sure that you will receive the product in 3 to 7 days (anywhere inside Europe) and 7 to 15 days (anywhere in the world outside Europe).

We offer a free delivery service if you spend over 90 Euros.

Payment Options

At we offer quick and reliable payment methods. At the moment, our payment methods include:

1. PayPal

2. Credit/Debit Card

We are looking to bring in more payment methods to facilitate the customers who don’t have access to PayPal.