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myAHRS+ Attitude Heading Reference System Multiple Sensors Onboard

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Download myAHRS+ User Guide and Resources

Click the link above to find the user guide and development resources. It contains the Software Development Kit (SDK) for myAHRS+. With the help of this myAHRS+ SDK, you can build custom user software.

myAHRS+ is a high-performance, reliable, and stable Attitude Heading Reference System. This module is designed to resist inaccuracies and magnetic field disturbances during acceleration. You can configure your myAHRS+ module via a USB or UART communication interface. If you are working on embedded applications, Arduino projects, for example, this module supports the I2C interface as well.

3 Onboard Sensors on myAHRS+ Attitude Heading Reference System

  1. Accelerometer: 16 Bit (± 16 g) Triple Axis
  2. Gyroscope: 16 Bit (± 2,000 dps) Triple Axis
  3. Magnetometer: 13 Bit (± 1200 μT) Triple Axis

Software Support for myAHRS+ Attitude Heading Reference System

  • Extended Kalman Filter
  • Attitude Quaternion
  • 100 Hz (maximum) Output Rate
  • Euler Angle Attitude

Communication and Connectivity Features on myAHRS+ Attitude Heading Reference System

  • UART Interface: Up to 460800 pbs standard baud rates
  • USB Interface: Virtual COM Port
  • I2C: 1kHz (max.) for embedded applications only

GUI Support for myAHRS+ Attitude Heading Reference System

  • Attitude display
  • Real-time Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) data
  • Magnetometer calibration
  • Save data from sensors in text files
  • Sensor data display
  • Configuration

Dimensions of myAHRS+ Module: 2.7cm x 2.1cm | 27mm x 21mm

Items Included

  • 1x myAHRS+ Module


  • This offer DOES NOT include the myAHRS+ Monitor