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SATA Data and Power Cable for Odrodid H3, H3+, H2, and H2+

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This SATA Data and Power Cable Kit has been designed for Odroid H2, H2+, H3, and H3+ SBCs. It is the official Hardkernel kit you can use to connect HDD or SDD to compatible Odroid boards.

The lengths of SATA Data and SATA Power cables in this kit are 20cm each. You can use these cables inside a compatible case due to their compact size.

Properties of Odroid SATA Power Cable

  • Connector Type: 15-Pin SATA to Mini 4-Pin Power (2.54mm Pitch)
  • Compatible Disk: SATA HDD and SATA SSD
  • Cable Type: AWG 18
  • Length: 20cm

Properties of Odroid SATA Data Cable

  • Cable Type: SATA 3.0
  • Safety: Backwards Compatibility with SATA II and SATA I
  • Connector Type: 7-Pin to 7-Pin SATA Data Connector with secure latches
  • Transfer Rate: Up to 6GB/sec.
  • Length: 20cm

Item Included

  • SATA Power Cable (x1)
  • SATA Data Cable (x1)

Compatible Odroid SBC (Sold Separately)