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KKSB Universal Waterproof SBC Case

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This KKSB Universal Waterproof SBC case is compatible with various popular Single Board Computers including Odroid Boards. This waterproof case is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor conditions especially during wet and cold weather conditions. In addition, this waterproof case is also compatible with a variety of accessories including sensors, SMA antennas, and camera modules.

Universal Solution for Popular SBCs

The KKSB Universal Waterproof SBC case is an ideal solution for a different popular single board computers from various manufacturers including but not limited to Odroid, Raspberry Pi, LattePanda, NanoPi, Arduino, and Orange Pi, etc. There is an aluminum tray that comes with this case. It is an exclusively and smartly designed platform with carefully patterned holes for standoffs to support different boards from different manufacturers.

Best for Outdoor Projects

The KKSB waterproof SBC case is ideal for most outdoor projects involving weatherboards, cameras, and air particle sensors. It is ideal in cold and wet weather conditions since the watertight structure protects the board and accessories from rain and resists humidity to some extent. It will help you to set up a reliable and lasting weather station, real-time air quality tracker, or secure access control point. The transparent cover allows the camera to work from inside the case instead of being mounted outside the enclosure.

Features of KKSB Universal Waterproof SBC Case

  • Brand: KKSB Cases
  • Applications: Ideal for weather stations, air quality monitoring, visual monitoring, and access control points, etc. especially outdoors in different weather conditions
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most SBCs with accessories such as camera modules, SMA antennas, and sensors, etc.
  • Charging: Watertight access for charging cable (comes with the 5-meter Micro USB Cable with preinstalled watertight gland)
  • M20 Plugs: Comes with 2x M20 Plugs (removable if you want to replace them with different M20 glands for different cables)
  • Easy Assembly: Standoffs and screws are included
  • Surface Mounting: Comes with 4x screws for wall mounting
  • Outer dimensions: 240mm x 125mm x 80mm
  • Inner dimensions (smallest compatible dimensions for SBC): 175mm x115mm x 65mm

Items Included

  • KKSB Universal Waterproof SBC Case (x1)
  • Micro USB Cable 5-meter long (x1)
  • M20 Plugs (x2)
  • Screws and Standoffs