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KKSB Aluminum Case for ODROID XU4

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ODROID XU4, when it was released, marked the beginning of powerful computing features of a Mini PC. These boards are as simple as they had been a few years back. The number of components is on the rise with the release of each new Mini PC. These PCs now require exclusive casings to protect their components from mishandling, dust, and other vulnerabilities. This KKSB Case for ODROID XU4 is made of aluminum. The case is powder-coated and the color combination is black and white. This particular KKSB aluminum case also accommodates the cooling fan. There are nicely crafted air-vents on top to let the heat move out quickly.

Features of KKSB Aluminum Case for ODROID XU4

  • Official product from KKSB-Cases
  • Made of high-grade aluminum
  • Compatible with ODROID XU4
  • Powder-coated finishing (Black and White)
  • Cutouts for Power Supply, RJ-45, USB (1x at the front and 2x at the back), MicroSD Card Slot, GPIO, and HDMI
  • Accommodates CPU Cooling Fan and heatsink
  • Dimensions: 87mm x 65mm x 28mm


In terms of strength, nothing matches the high-grade metallic build of the cases from KKSB. The texture of the top and bottom of the case is as smooth as you like. You will notice an innovative and crafty design for air-vents on top which resembles the circulating fan-wings. If you don’t like the noise of cooling fan then feel free to check out this KKSB Machined Aluminum Case for XU4/XU4Q.