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KKSB Odroid M1 Case

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This case from KKSB Cases is compatible with Odroid M1. It is made of sandblasted aluminum. The design of the case fits the Odroid M1 Heatsink in a way that it does not block airflow under the heatsink. The openings along the ceiling walls optimise ventilation for uninterrupted airflow across the interior of the case.

The KKSB Odroid M1 Case has anodised black finishing suitable for professional and DIY maker’s settings. 4x rubber feet are included in the box. Use them for desktop orientation. These rubber feet not protect from scratches but also lift the case above the surface to let air flow along the heatsink for optimal heat dissipation.

The rear wall of the M1 case has a large cutout for cables so that you do not have to remove the cover to manage cables. This case also has a dedicated cutout for GPIO Cable.

Since KKSB Odroid M1 case has additional space on top, you can easily mount a 2.5” SSD Disc with Hardkernel mounting brackets on Odroid M1. It will all rest inside the case with the lid closed.

KKSB Odroid M1 Case Features

  • Compatible SBC: Odroid M1
  • Disk Space: Space for 2.5” Disc with Hardkernel mounting brackets (Not Included)
  • Material: Sandblasted Aluminium
  • Finishing: Anodised Black
  • Cooling: Fits Odroid M1 Heatsink | Openings for proper ventilation
  • Surface Stability: Rubber feet for scratch-free desktop orientation | Lift the case up for airflow along the heatsink
  • Access to M1 Components: Cutouts for USB Ports, HDMI, Ethernet, Power, Micro SD Slot | Cutouts for push buttons | Cutout for 40 Pin GPIO

How to Set Up KKSB Odroid M1 Case?

The KKSB Odroid M1 case is easy to set up. Screws are included in the box. Simply follow these steps:

  • Align Odroid M1 along the base of the case.
  • Secure Odroid M1 inside the case with the help of 4x long screws.
  • Place the case lid on top and secure it with the help of 4x short screws.
  • Attach the rubber feet along the corners in the bottom and you are ready to use Odroid M1 with its KKSB Case.

Items Included

  • KKSB Odroid M1 Case
  • Screws
  • Rubber Feet

Compatible Boards (Sold Separately)