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KKSB Odroid HC4 Aluminum Case – Vertical Design for Hard Drives

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KKSB Odroid HC4 case has a unique design to secure and accommodate 2x 2.5” or 2x 3.5” hard drives simultaneously. The case comes with the bracket and screws to fix these drives.

This case is compatible with Odroid HC4 and is made of aluminium. It has a compact yet effective design with black anodized finishing suitable for the most workplace and DIY environments.

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Features of KKSB Odroid HC4 Case

  • Brand: KKSB-Cases
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finishing: Anodised Black
  • Board Compatibility: Designed for Odroid HC4
  • Interface / Connector Support: Cutouts for Odroid HC4 ports and connectors including HDMI, Power Jack, USB HOST, MicroSD Slot, and Ethernet Port
  • Additional Accommodation: Securely fits 2x 3.5” or 2.5” Hard Drives at a time
  • Orientations: Key holes on three sides for wall mounting | Rubber feet for desktop surface stability and airflow underneath the case
  • Accessories: Brackets and Screws to secure hard drives

Secures Hard Drives with Brackets and Screws

The customised brackets securely keep the drives attached while the vertical cover protects them from dust and damage. The case has space for both HC4 drives at a time.

Optimal Ventilation

The base of the KKSB Odroid HC4 case has air vents to support heat dissipation from the Odroid HC4 heatsink. There are also 4x rubber feet underneath the base which lift the case above the surface leaving sufficient space for proper airflow while avoiding scratches from the surface.

Air vents are also on the top of the case as well as along the side walls. This design allows uninterrupted airflow that helps to cool things down.

Compact and Fully Functional Design

The compact design of the KKSB Odroid HC4 case is ideal for most workplace and DIY scenarios. The case has cutouts to access HC4 connectors and interfaces for optimal functionality.

Supports Multiple Orientations

The rubber feet help to avoid scratches and lift the case for better airflow. You can use this case as a desktop or use the precut key-holes for wall mounting. These precut holes are on the three sides of the case so that you can select the most suitable mounting orientation depending on your needs.

Items Included

  • Case Cover
  • Case Base
  • Rubber Feet
  • Brackets for Drives
  • Screws

Compatible Boards (Not Included)