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64GB eMMC Linux Module for ODROID XU4

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There is no more need to invest a lot of effort and time in order to install the operating system on your eMMC modules. This eMMC 64GB Linux module for XU4 comes with a pre-installed operating system (which is Ubuntu in this case).

The eMMC 64GB Linux for XU4 is basically the new 0.4 PCB revision which means that you do not have to worry about configurations any further. This module is ready to serve straight out of the box.

Features of eMMC 64GB Linux module for XU4

  • Upgrade: 0.4 PCB revision
  • eMMC Version: 5.1 and higher
  • Doesn’t require further configurations
  • Operating System (Ubuntu) has already been installed on the module
  • The read/write speed is around 7 times of the speed of a Class-10 MicroSD
  • Interface Version: 5.0 b-bit DDR Mode / (JEDEC/MMCA) HS400

Read and Write Commands

  1. Wite

Sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=$(mount-path)/test oflag=direct bs=8M count=64

  1. Read

sudo dd if=$(mount-path)/test of=/dev/null iflag=direct bs=8M

Important Note

Please note that you need the latest Uboot and kernel patch for XU4 to make it work with the eMMC 64GB Linux Module.