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Odroid Vu8M 8-inch TFT Touch LCD for Odroid M1

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Download Software Settings for ODROID-Vu8M

ODROID-Vu8M has been designed to work with the ODROID-M1. This 8-inch Capacitive Touch TFT LCD, once connected to the ODROID-M1, becomes a Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) device.

The display supports the 4-Lane MIPI – DSI. The hardware screen resolution is 800 x 1280 pixels and it comes with mounting accessories and brackets to fit with Odroid-M1.

Specifications of ODROID Vu8M TFT Capacitive Touch LCD

  • LCD Type: Thin-Film-Transistor (TFT)
  • Touch Type: Capacitive | 5-Finger Touch Input
  • Display Size: 8-inch
  • Power Consumption: 2.4W (± 10%) | 100% Duty Cycle
  • Hardware Resolution: 800 x 1280 pixels
  • Screen Dimensions (Active Display Area): 17.22cm x 10.76cm | 172.224mm x 107.64mm

ODROID-Vu8M Dimensions (Unit – mm)

 Odroid Vu8M dimensions

Odroid Vu8M form factor

Items Included

    1. 8-inch Assembled TFT LCD with Touch Panel
    2. M3*40 – Blots - Black (x3)
    3. 0*7 Bolts – Black (x11)
    4. FPCB Cable 60mm (x2)
    5. MIPI - DSI Convertor Board for Odroid M1
    6. LCD Bracket Board for Odroid M1
    7. U Shape Bracket Board for Odroid M1 (x2)

    ODROID-M1 4GB and ODROID-M1 8GB are sold separately.

    How to Fit Odroid Vu8M Display with Odroid-M1?

    • Fit the U-Shaped Bracket Boards to the back of the ODROID-M1.
    • Secure the bracket boards using PM3.0*7 blots.

    • Fit the U-Shaped Bracket Boards (with the pre-fixed Odroid M1) to back of the Odroid Vu8M LCD.
    • Secure with the help of the PM3.0*7 bolts. 
    • Plug and fix the 60mm 31-Pin FPCB cable of the MIPI converter on the Odroid M1.
    • The convertor board receives the touch signals from the LCD using this FPCB cable.
    • Make sure to carefully undo the clamp before you insert the cable.
    • Make sure to properly secure the ribbon in its place by pressing the clamp.
    • Check the connection between the 31-Pin and 6-Pin FPCB cables.
    • Touch Screen 3.5mm (6-Pin) | LCD: 60mm (31-Pin)

    • Mount the M3*40 bolts and PM3.0*7 bolts on the bottom of the U-shaped bracket board.
    • The angle of the Vu8M LCD is adjustable to 70 degrees.