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Welcome to our complete range of ODROID development hardware and accessories. We not only have the popular ODROID Mini PCs but we also offer casings for ODROID PCs, memory and networking accessories, Ready-to-Go ODROID Kits, Sensors, Cameras, and Camera Lenses, Jumper Cables, Power Supplies and more.

All of these products come with a true and honest description of each product along with its features and specifications. ODROID PCs are making a significant contribution to the world of automation, IoT, and AI. Our store is offering ODROID-XU4, ODROID-XU4Q, ODROID-N2, ODROID-H2, ODROID-C1+, ODROID-C2. These PCs are known for their powerful processing units and exceptional Multimedia support to facilitate gaming, networking, home automation, and multimedia apps and devices.

On one hand, there is a bunch of devices and accessories to enhance the functionality of ODROID Motherboards. On the other hand, there are metallic casings for ODROID PCs by KKSB-Cases. These casings are exclusively designed for particular ODROID PCs. We have KKSB Cases for ODROID XU4Q (with fan), Steel case for ODROID C1+ and C2, Aluminum Case for ODROID XU4, Machined Aluminum Case for ODROID XU4 and XU4Q. The good thing about this aluminum machined case is that it has a smart heat dissipation mechanism that keeps the system cool with the help of the thermal pad. So there is no need to use a fan or heatsink.

Our range of ODROID accessories includes 13-in-1 sensor kit, oCam 5MP USB 3.0 Camera, a variety of ODROID power supplies with EU/UK Plugs, USB Audio Adapter, M.12 Camera Lenses (4-in-1), Motor Driver, 4-channel ADC, RTC Backup Battery, Power Bridge Board, and more.

We also have a variety of eMMC modules (with pre-installed Android/Linux), SanDisk MicroSD UHS-1 for XU4, Jumper Cables and more.

Feel free to scrolls down to have a look at our complete ODROID product line!