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Odroid-HC4 Home Cloud with OLED 4GB RAM Amlogic S905X3 1.8GHz Quad Core

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The Odroid-HC4 just like the Odroid-C4 has the 1.8Ghz Amlogic S905X3 ARM Cortex-A55 Quad-Core processor with Mali G31 MP2 Graphics Processing Unit. The memory of this board is DDR4 4GB RAM. This Odroid-HC4 is based on the Home Cloud platform. The HC4 also has an SPI 16MiB flash chip with Petitboot support. 

Note: This Variant of HC4 comes with the OLED. 

What is new with Odroid-HC4 

The Odroid-HC4 has a dependable SATA bridge solution (PCIe to SATA) as an alternative to USB3.0 to SATA. The HC4 gives support to 2 SATA storage docks. This board comes includes a transparent case with cutouts for board interfaces as well as ports. 

Video Presentation of the Product 

Specifications of Odroid-HC4 Home Cloud 

  • RAM 
    • 4GiB DDR4 
    • But width: 32-bit 
    • Data Rate: 2640 MT/s 
    • Grade: PC4-21333 
    • Low Power Design: 1.2Volt 
  • Processor 
    • Amlogic S905X3 12nm 
    • Architecture: ARMv8-A with Crypto and Neon extensions 
    • Mali-G31 MP2 GPU (650MHz) 4x Execution Engines 
    • 32 KB L1 data cache, 128 sets 4-way set associative, 1 processor shares 64 byte lines 
    • 512KB L3 data cache, 512 sets 16-way set associative, 4 processors share 64 byte lines 
    • 32 KB L1 instruction cache, 128 sets 4-way set associative, 1 processor shares 64 byte lines 
  • Storage 
    • 1x Micro SD Slot (Compatible with DS/HS mode and supports UHS-1 SDR104) 
  • External Input / Output 
    • SATA Connectors (x2) 
    • UART Serial Debug Console (x1)
    • HOST USB 2.0 Port (x1) 
  • General 
    • System Indicator LEDs 
      • RED LED for PWR (DC Power Connected) 
      • BLUE (Flashes when Kernel is running) 
    • IR receiver for infrared remote control 
  • Power 
    • 1x DC Power Jack: 2.1mm (positive / inner) diameter and 5.5mm (negative / outer)
    • 5V ~ 15.5V DC Input 
    • 15V / 4A DC Power Adapter Suggested (Not Included)
  • Power Consumption with 2x HDDs (ST2000DM006) 
    • IDLE Mode: Almost 5.88 W (when HHD is in Spin-Down) 
    • Active Mode: Almost 15.59 W (while using SAMBA) 
    • Suspend Mode: Almost 0.29 W
  • Networking 
    • Amber LED: 1000Mpbs connection DTI 
    • Green LED: 100Mpbs connection DTI
    • 1x RJ45 GbE LAN Port | supports 10/100/1000 Mbps 
    • RTL8211F Realtek Ethernet Transceiver 
  • Video 
    • 1x HDMI 2.0 Port with HDR, EDID, CEC | up to 4K @ 60Hz 
  • Audio 
    • 1x HDMI Digital Audio Output 
  • Heatsink  
    • A passive heatsink on the processing unit 
    • Measurements: 40mm x 32mm x 10mm  
  • Cooling Fan 
    • A Hydraulic Bearing Fan 
    • Maximum Rotations Per Minute (RPM): 4000 Rotations 
    • Air Pressure: 0.053 in H2O 
    • Air Flow: 4.3 CFM 
    • Current Rating: 100 mA 
    • Voltage Rating: 5V 
    • Noise Level: 23.9 dBA 
    • Connector and Wire: 1.25mm Pitch 4-Pin, 80mm 
    • Measurements: 40mm x 40mm x 10.6mm 
  • Form Factor 
    • Measurements of HC4 Board: 9.05cm x 8.4cm x 2.5cm
    • Weight of HC4 (including the case, fan, and heatsink): 0.28 kg 

Odroid-HC4 Software Compatibility

Petitboot can automatically locate the Operating System on the HDD, SSD, or SD Card. Even in case, there is no SD Card attached, Petitboot can use the attached HDD or SSD to boot the Odroid-HC4 if the OS is installed on these storages.  

The Operating System Image from Hardkernel which is preinstalled is compatible with Debian and Ubuntu Operating Systems. Using Ubuntu or Debian Netboot installer can also be an option. 

The Odroid-HC4 supports:

  • Hardkernel Stock Operating System version 4.9.230 or greater 
  • Mainline Kernel (unofficial) version 5.8 or greater 

Items Included

  • 1x Odroid HC4 with OLED

Compatible Items (Not Included)