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Weather Board v2 Low Power BME280 and Si1132 Environmental Sensor Board

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The Weather Board version 2.0 is an economical low power consumption module. This environmental sensor board comes with BME280 and Si1132 sensors. The Weather Board v2.0 can measure ambient light, UV index, barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature. You can create your weather station by using this environmental sensor board. The Weather Board v2.0 comes with a 6-Pin header socket (pre-soldered) for easy connectivity.

Specifications of Environmental Sensor Weather Board v2.0

  • Sensors: BME280 and Si1132 onboard sensors
  • Operating Voltage: 1.75V ~ 3.6V compatible
  • Hysteresis (Humidity Sensor): ± 2%
  • Accuracy Tolerance for Humidity Sensor: ± 4%
  • Temperature Coefficient (Offset): ± 1.5 Pa/K (equivalent to ± 12.6cm @ 1oC change in temperature)
  • Pressure Sensor RMS Noise: 0.2 Pa (equivalent to 1.7cm)
  • Dimensions: 1.67cm x 1.64cm | 16.7mm x 16.4mm

Items Included

  • 1x Weather Board v2.0


  • Odroid-SHOW or Odroid Board are NOT included
  • A 750mAh Li-Poly Battery may be required for portable projects. This offer DOES NOT include the battery