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13 in 1 Sensor Kit

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IoT and home automation appliances are shaping our lifestyles. Most of the success is based on various smart sensors that make it happen for any particular device. Instead of looking for various sensors one by one, it is better to have a complete range of sensors so that you can use them whenever needed. If you want to make sure that you don’t miss a sensor at the time of need, you can buy this 13-in-1 Sensor Kit. The sensors in this package are as follows:

  1. MQ-5 Gas Sensor
  2. Color Sensor
  3. Flame Sensor
  4. Hall Sensor
  5. Laser Sensor
  6. Sound Sensor
  7. Tilt Sensor
  8. Moisture Sensor
  9. UV Sensor
  10. Liquid Level Sensor
  11. Infrared Reflective Sensor
  12. Rotation Sensor
  13. Temperature/Humidity Sensor

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    Items Included

    You will get the following along with the above mentioned 13 sensors:

    • 1x Custom Connector 5Pin Jumper Wire
    • 4x Custom Connector 4Pin Jumper Wire
    • 3x Customer Connector 3Pin Jumper Wire




    Color Sensor

    Detection of static color

    Color matching / sorting by color

    Hall Sensor

    49E Hall Sensor

    Position detection of an object / measurement of motor speed

    Gas Sensor (MQ-5)

    Sensitive for Natural Gas/Coal Gas/LPG Gas

    Detection of gas leakage

    Flame Sensor

    Flame spectrum sensitivity

    Firefighting robot/ flame detection/ fire alarm

    Laser Sensor

    Laser sensor

    Pipeline counter/ obstacle detection/ smart robot

    Moisture Sensor

    Soil moisture sensor (fork-like)

    Flowerpot soil moisture detection/ auto watering system

    Sound Sensor

    LM386 onboard audio power amplifier

    Sound level detection/ ambient sound detection

    Infrared Reflective Sensor

    Infrared reflective transceiver

    Obstacle-avoiding car/ robot path tracking/ pipeline counter

    Tilt Sensor

    Detection of shake signal

    Guard alarm/ shake detection/ smart car

    Liquid Level Sensor

    Detection of liquid level

    Liquid level alarm

    Temperature-Humidity Sensor

    Temperature/Humidity sensor DHT11

    Detection of humidity and ambient temperature

    Rotation Sensor

    Detection of clockwise/Anti-clockwise rotation

    Industrial Controls (positioning)

    UV Sensor

    Ultraviolet sensor

    Outdoor ultraviolet detector/ ultraviolet tester/ germicidal lamp