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RTC Backup Battery

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Each year over a billion Real-Time-Clocks are sold all over the world because and they are mainly used to support the motherboards. But the problem is that these RTCs further require power backup to keep running and give a precise time. The good thing is that the modern-day Real-Time-Clocks need as little current as 100nA. If you are using an ODROID PC then this RTC Backup Battery can facilitate your PCB to keep its RTC ticking without interruptions. It keeps the clock running even when the system is offline. The best news is that this backup battery will keep the RTC running for 3 years and it does not need an external source of power.

RTC Backup Battery Compatible ODROID PCs

The RTC Backup Battery is compatible with the following ODROID PCs:

  • ODROID-C1+
  • ODROID-XU3 Lite
  • ODROID-XU Lite

 Features of RTC Backup Battery (ODROID Compatible)

  • This backup battery features CR2032 Coin Cell (220mAH/3V DC)
  • The wire is 7cm (70mm) long
  • It keeps working for at least 3 years without an external source of power supply. The maximum time though is up to 5 years.
  • The 51021-0200 Molex connector is 1.25mm-pitch compatible

Please Note

  • The black wire indicates the negative pole
  • The red wire indicates the positive pole
  • In case if you want to use this Backup Battery with LeMaker Guitar Base Board, make sure to first strip the solders and wires, and cut off the connector to the Base Board