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Odroid GO Super with DIM Gray Cover RockChip 1.3GHz RK3326

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The manufacturer has upgraded the Odroid-GO Advance and created a better version called Odroid-GO Super. This version has much better features. It supports a 5-inch larger LCD with a resolution of 854x480 pixels. The screen comes with a tempered glass cover for better protection. Moreover, this includes a battery of 4000mAh Li-Polymer which is large enough for providing gamers the non-stop gaming experience for hours by keeping the level of backlight brightness appropriate.

Pre-Assembled Gaming Kit

The Odroid-GO Super comes with pre-assembling which is quite the opposite of DIY Gaming Consoles. The Odroid-GO Super has better USB WiFi and Bluetooth which offers both stale and fast wireless connectivity. However, it does not include USB WiFi Adapter. Moreover, the Odroid-GO Super also features the Spring Eject (Push-Push) SD Card Slot which is easy to operate. 

Specifications of Odroid-GO Super


Offers up to 10 hours of gameplay with 4000 mAh 3.7 V LiPolymer Battery. However, the hours might vary based on the brightness level, game emulation, and wireless communication.

Battery Charging Time: Gameplay

It requires 4.5 hours to 5.5 hours to get fully charged.

Battery Charging Time: Off Mode

It requires 3.4 hours to 4 hours to get fully charged.

Power Consumptions: Off Mode

Less than 1 mA 

Power Input

5V (2A) USB-C power interface with a USB-C Charging Cable included in the package and maximum current drawing of 1.5Amp.

Buttons: Function

F1 - F6

Buttons: Shoulder

Left: 2 Shoulder Buttons, Right: 2 Shoulder Buttons

Buttons: Direction

Direction Pad: Y, X, A, and B

Wireless Connectivity: Optional

Offers good compatibility with optional WiFi USB Adapter

Operating System Compatibility

On Aarch64 Kernel 4.4, Ubuntu 18.04, 19.10, and 20.04.


Mali G31 MP2 Graphics Processing Unit (OpenGL-ES support on DRM-FB)


1.3GHz RockChip RK 3326 64-Bit ARM Cortex-A35 Quad-Core

Optional Storage

UHS-1 Compatible (Micro SD Card Slot)


16Mbytes Boot SPI Flash


1GB 786MHz DDR3L with 32 Bits of Bus Width

Input and Output: External

One HOST USB 2.0 and ten Pin Interface (IRQ, GPIO, I2C at 3.3Volt)


Front-end Modified EmulationStation (Liberto Support)


Left: 1 Analog Joystick, Right: 1 Analog Joystick


0.5 Watt, 8Ω Mono Speaker with Stereo Earphone Jack


0.28 kg (280 grams)


MIPI-DSI display interface with 5-inch TFT LCD and 854x480 pixels


204mm x 86mm x 25mm (20.4cm x 8.6cm x 2.5cm)

Battery Dimensions

76.5mm x 54.5mm x 7.5mm (7.65cm x 5.45cm x 0.75cm)

Important Note

  • Force Power Off: Use the On-and-Off button. Press it for around 6 seconds. (NOTE: Do not use it unnecessarily)
  • SD Card Requirement: 8GB or higher Micro SD Card required
  • Not available for shipping to Russia