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oCam 5MP USB 3.0 Camera

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Are you looking for a UVC compliant plug and play USB camera? Here is the oCam 5MP USB 3.0 plug and play camera. It contains the M12 standard lens. The focal length of the oCam 5MP USB 3.0 Camera is 3.6mm. For those who want to know what USB 3.0 actually means for this camera – this interface makes it possible for the oCam to write data to the main memory directly (bypassing the processing unit). It increases the speed and reduces the load on the processing unit.

oCam USB 3.0 5MP Camera Specifications

  • This module contains the OV5640 (OmniVision) camera sensor
  • It features CMOS Image Sensor
  • The size of the image sensor is 6μm x 2738.4μm / 0.25-inch
  • The camera contains a standard M12 lens
  • 6mm focal length
  • The pixel size of this camera is 1.4μm x 1.4μm
  • 65o FOV
  • Features the Electronic Rolling Shutter
  • USB 3.0 High-Speed Interface
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Linux Operating Systems
  • It is compatible with USB Video Class Protocol
  • USB BUS Power compatible
  • 5V @280mA Power Rating
  • 0°C ~ + 70°C Working Temperature
  • YUV Frame Rate: 2592x1944@7.5fps, 1920x1080@15fps, 1280x720@30fps, 640x480@120fps, 320x240@120fps
  • MJPEG Frame Rate: 1920x1080@30fps, 1280x720@45fps, 640x480@30fps
  • Camera Control settings for brightness, white balance, saturation, hue, and contrast
  • 30mm to 35mm Depth (variable length for manual focus)
  • Comes with a protective casing (including in the package)
  • Weight (Including camera frame): 35 grams

Important Note

  • Micro-USB 3.0 Cable IS NOT included in this offer
  • This Camera Module is NOT compatible with Android
  • You can receive updates for bug fixing via a Window PC (New updates are available after every two months)

Description of oCam USB 3.0 Camera (5MP)

Officially, they call it oCam-5CRO-U and it is basically the revised version of the oCam-5CR-U3. This upgraded camera module is more durable because it is a single-board design. The previous version was basically a board-to-board design.

oCam-5CR-U3 did not have any protective casing but for this oCam USB 3.0 5MP camera, you do not have to look for a separate casing. The USB connector is now vertical, it was horizontal with the previous version. The position of the USB connector is on the rear side which is easy to access.