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KKSB Odroid C4 Case with DIN Rail Clip and Cooling Fan

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This KKSB metal case for Odroid-C4 comes with the DIN Rail Clip and the cooling fan. The case is designed keeping in mind the need for the heatsink for the C4 board. The case has sufficient space to accommodate the heatsink on the board. For optimal heat management, use the screws to assemble the cooling fan with the case. In addition, the air vents along the walls of the case help further air flow in and out. The KKSB ODROID-C4 metal case features black powder-coated finishing.

KKSB ODROID-C4 Case Board Compatibility

The KKSB ODROID-C4 case has cutouts for most of the interfaces on the board. Apart from the connectors, the case has a large removable cutout for a 40-Pin GPIO Expansion Header. Major cutouts for C4 connectors on metal case accommodate 4x USB 3.0 HOST ports, RJ45 Ethernet, HDMI 2.0, Micro SD Slot, OTG USB 2.0 Port, and eMMC Socket, etc. Since the processor of the ODROID-C4 generates sufficient heat, the heatsink is mostly needed. The case has space to carry the heatsink inside the case.

Surface Mounting and Stability

The KKSB ODROID-C4 metal case has a couple of pre-cut mounting holes to let you easily mount the case on a vertical surface. In addition, the center of the case bottom has pre-cut holes to fix a DIN Rail Clip (the case comes with the DIN Rail clip but not the DIN Rail). For better stability on flat surfaces, the KKSB ODROID-C4 features 4x rubber feet.

Specifications of KKSB ODROID-C4 Case

  • Design and Manufacturing: KKSB-Cases
  • Material: Metal
  • Finishing: Powder-coated / Black
  • Board Compatibility: ODROID-C4
  • Heat Management: Cooling Fan and air-vents
  • Stability and Surface Mounting: 1x DIN Rail Clip, 2x Wall-mounting pre-cut holes, 4x pre-cut holes for DIN Rail Clip, and 4x Rubber Feet
  • Cutouts for GPIO Expansion Header, HDMI, USB Ports, Ethernet Jack, Micro SD Slot, and eMMC Socket

Items Included

  • KKSB ODROID-C4 Metal Case
  • Cooling Fan (x1)
  • DIN Rail Clip (x1)
  • Rubber Feet (x4)
  • Assembly Screws