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Flame Sensor with Adjustable Sensitivity and LM393 Voltage Comparator 3.3V 5.3V Compatible

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This flame sensor comes with adjustable sensitivity. It is a 3.3V / 5.3V compatible module with an onboard LM393 voltage comparator. The sensor detects flame spectrum and the output signal is delivered to the signal indicator on the module. The detection range of this flame sensor is 760nm to 1100nm with a 60o maximum detection angle.

Features of Flame Sensor

  • Use: Flame Spectrum Detection
  • Range (spectrum detection): 760nm to 1100nm
  • Maximum Detection Angle: 60o
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Signal output indicator
  • LM393 wide-range voltage comparator
  • Voltage Compatibility: 3.3V / 5.3V Operating Voltage
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25oC to 85oC
  • Mounting Holes: 2.0mm holes
  • Wight: 5 grams
  • Dimensions: 27.3 x 15.4 (mm) | 1.73 x 1.54 (cm)

Applications of Flame Sensor

  • Fire detector
  • Fire alarm
  • Firefighting robot


This is only the flame spectrum detector. It does not have protection against flames.

Items Included

  • Fire Spectrum Detector / Flame Sensor (x1)
  • 4-PIN Jumper Wire (Custom Connector) (x1)