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Mini USB Bluetooth Dongle v2.0 BLE BT 4.0 CSR8510 A10 Chipset

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How to change Bluetooth Device Mac Address?

Please refer to the above link to learn how to configure a new Bluetooth MAC address. This module does not come with a programmed Bluetooth MAC address.

This is the updated version 2.0 of the mini-USB Bluetooth Dongle. It comes with a CSR8510 A10 chipset. The mini-USB BT Dongle v2.0 supports High-Speed Bluetooth v3.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0.

Features of CSR8510 A10 Bluetooth BLE 4.0 Mini-USB Dongle

  • Chipset: Bluetooth CSR8510 A10
  • Version: Mini-USB Bluetooth Version 2.0
  • ID: 0A12:0001
  • Android Support: Android Operating System supports the Classic Bluetooth v2.0
  • Linux / Ubuntu Support: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) supported by Ubuntu and Linux Operating Systems
  • Sensitivity: -86dBm
  • Transmission: +6dBm
  • Certifications: CE and FC Certified
  • Weight: 23.82 grams
  • Dimensions: 1.866cm x 2.267cm | 18.66mm x 22.67mm