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8GB Micro SD UHS-1 Linux Card for ODROID XU4

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If you are looking for a MicroSD UHS-1 (High-Speed) Linux compatible with ODROID XU4 then this is the just the right place you should be. We have this Linux MicroSD 8GB UHS-1 which facilitates your XU4 boards. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the installation of the Operating System or any complex configurations. This 8GB SanDisk MicroSD UHS-1 for XU4 comes with pre-installed Operating System.

Features of MicroSD Linux 8GB (UHS-1) for XU4

  • Doesn’t require coding, configuration, or OS installation because the OS is already installed
  • Storage: 8GB
  • Card Manufacturer: SanDisk
  • Interface: SDR104 UHS-1 (Stable as well as fast)
  • Features MLC NAND Memory
  • Compatible with Odroid-XU4
  • 2MB/sec. Sequential Write Speed
  • 7MB/sec. Sequential Read Speed

Why is UHS-1 Interface better?

  • The SanDisk MicroSD cards with UHS-1 Interface are 4x faster as compared to the speed the MicroSD Cards featuring Class-10.
  • Due to the low production cost, the price of MicroSD UHS-1 cards is comparatively less as compared to that of other MicroSD variants.