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5V 2A Power Supply for ODROID with EU Plug

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This power supply is compatible with various ODROID PCs. It comes with an EU Plug. The 5V/2A Power Supply for ODROID is compatible with 100~240 AC Input. The adapter of this power supply comes with the switching mode. The inner diameter (+ve) is 0.8mm and the outer diameter (-ve) is 2.5mm. It means that this power supply is compatible with ODROID C0, ODROID C1+, and ODROID C2. But it will not work for ODROID XU4.

Specifications of 5V/2A Power Supply (EU Plug) for ODROID

  • Output Voltage: 5V/2A
  • Input Voltage: 100~240 AC
  • The power adapter has the switching mode
  • Plug Type: EU Plug
  • +ve Diameter: 0.8mm
  • -ve Diameter: 2.5mm

This Power Supply DOES NOT work with ODROID XU4. Check out this 5V/4A Power Supply (EU Plug) for ODROID XU4

Compatible ODROID PCs

  • ODROID-C1+