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KKSB Aluminum Case for Odroid N2 and N2+

205 kr 164 kr

Here comes yet another Mini PC casing from KKSB-cases. This is the aluminum KKSB Case for ODROID N2 and N2+. The good thing about this casing is that it is single-piece aluminum. The walls are flexible which makes it easy to fit ODROID N2 into the case. 

Using the additional assembly kit in the box, you can fit this case with Odroid N2+ as well. 

But still, you need to be careful when mounting it onto the PCB. Do not bend the walls too much. Just a little outward stretch is enough to push the PCB into the case. The base of the casing has rubber feet to enhance stability. Not only the cover but also the bottom of the case has air-vents. In addition, there are two LED indication light pipes (PWR and SYS indicators).

Features of KKSB Case for ODROID N2/N2+ (Aluminum)

  • Official product from KKSB-Cases
  • Made of High-Grade Aluminium (Powder-Coated)
  • Compatibility: ODROID-N2 and N2+ (Kit for N2+ is included in the box) 
  • Accommodates heatsink
  • Color: Black
  • The case has rubber feet for added stability
  • Cutouts for HDMI, Ethernet, 4x USB Ports, GPIO Ribbon Cable, etc.


  • This offer DOES NOT include ODROID N2 or N2+ board

Video Demonstration to Assemble KKSB Case for ODROID N2 and N2+ 

The assembly is easy but please make sure to carefully insert the PCB. First, push one end of the PCB downwards and then stretch the opposite wall of the case just enough to push down the other side of the PCB. DO NOT stretch the wall of the case more than it is required.