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KKSB Odroid C2/C1+ Steel Case

194 kr 155 kr

If you own ODROID C1+ or ODROID C2, you must have been aware of the extensive processing capabilities of these PCs. But extensive processing unit comes at a cost. The cost, in this case, is heat generation. If you are looking for a case for ODROID C1+ or ODROID C2, you need to select the one that is compatible with these PCs and also supports proper ventilation. This is the official KKSB casing made of high-grade steel.

Features of KKSB Steel Case for ODROID C1+ and ODROID C2

  • Official product of KKSB-Cases
  • PC Compatibility: ODROID C1+ and ODROID C2
  • Material: Metallic (Powder-coated steel)
  • The casing features extended air-vents
  • Easy assembly – Just a 2-piece casing (Snap-fitting Lid and Bottom)
  • Cutouts for Micro-USB, 4x USB HOST, GPIO Ribbon, HDMI, and DC Jack
  • Color: Black & White


It is important to keep everything well managed when working on IoT projects, gaming apps, and other automation appliances. The KKSB Steel Case for ODROID C2 and ODROID C1+ protects your PC from dust and mishandling. This casing is reliable because it is robust thanks to metallic build yet it features and attractive outlook which is pleasing on the eye.