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Micro USB DC Power Bridge Board for ODROID

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Display units are extremely helpful when it comes to multitasking and advanced development projects. But the problem is that larger display unit needs additional power supply otherwise the problem of tripping becomes evident. If you are using ODROID LCDs, VU7 or VU7 Plus, this Micro USB-DC Power Bridge can supply the unit with 5V DC. For instance, if you are using ODROID-XU4 with an ODROID XU7 display, the power begins to fluctuate. This ripple is anywhere from 0.5V to 0.6V. It leads to the flickering of the backlight on LCD. Even the controller stops to work as soon as the voltage drops to 4.5V. By using this Power Bridge Board Micro USB-DC for ODROID, you can easily solve the problem.

Features of Power Bridge Board for ODROID (USB-DC)

  • It lets the LCD (XU7 and XU7 Plus) to keep working even if there is a high amount of computing load
  • This Power Bridge for ODROID is compatible with XU7 and XU7 Plus LCD Displays
  • Power Supply Compatibility: 5V DC
  • Interface: Micro USB
  • You can use this power Bridge Board with 5V/2A Power Supply Unit


  • This offer DOES NOT include a Power Supply Unit
  • The gender comes with MicroUSB FEMALE and MicroUSB MALE Connector
  • 5mm DC Plug is compatible with the DC Connector
  • If the connector (MicroUSB Male) doesn’t fit tightly, you can use the superglue to fix its grip