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Ready-to-Go Kits

Looking to save money without compromising on anything you want to buy? is here to facilitate customers with competitive prices. This section offers some impressive Ready-to-Go ODROID kits which include an ODROID PC, eMMC/MicroSD (you can opt from various options), a compatible casing for ODROID PC, and a compatible power supply adapter for ODROID.

The best in the list is the ODROID-XU4 (with heatsink) Ready-to-Go Kit. This package includes an ODROID-XU4 PC along with a heatsink (or you can also opt for the cooling fan if you want). Next in the kit is the eMMC module for XU4 (preinstalled OS) or you can choose for a MicroSD (8GB or 16GB).

When it comes to faster processing, the eMMC module is what most of the experts recommend. You can opt for the storage as per your preferences. You can select from any of the available storage categories from 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. eMMC loads the operating system faster as compared to the MicroSD Card. Moreover, the eMMC is faster when it comes to loading apps, accessing Cloud, and multi-tasking.

Then there is a 5V/4A power supply adapter for ODROID-XU4. To secure your ODROID-XU4 along with its heatsink, we have this official ODROID casing for XU4.

It always feels nice to save some money without having to leave out something you really need. These kits let you have it all at discounted prices. The best thing is that everything in the kit is selected carefully so that it is compatible with the PCB. You don’t have to look for the makeshift solutions.

ODROID is shaping the world of electro-coding, prototyping, multimedia creation, gaming, IoT, AI, Robotics, and home automation. This is the time to join the ODROID community and start making a significant contribution to the contemporary world of smart technology.

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