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Odroid C2/C1+ Case (Black)

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This ODROID-C1+/C2 Case is made of polycarbonate plastic and is available in black color. It is designed exclusively for ODROID-C1+ and ODROID-C2. The design is compact and dimensions are almost identical to the dimensions of the PCB itself. There are cutouts for 4x USB HOST Slots and 1x MicroUSB OTG.

Features of ODROID- C1+/C2 Case (Black)

  • Official product from Hardkernel
  • Designed for ODROID-C1+ and ODROID-C2
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Cutouts for all PCB connectors (4x HOST USB, 1x MicroUSB OTG, DC Jack, Ethernet, and HDMI
  • Rib-Opening to access GPIO
  • Opening for Cable to access HART Kit
  • Air-Vents for proper ventilation
  • Weight: 32-grams
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 59mm x 28mm


This is a minimal and easy-to-use plastic case for ODROID-C1+ and ODROID-C2. If you are not really looking for high-end expensive casings for ODROID PCs then this simple low-cost casing is a suitable choice.