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KKSB Metal Case for ODROID H2

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It is obvious to use a cooling fan with ODROID H2 because its powerful processing units need an efficient heatsink or cooling fan to maintain its performance to optimal levels. At the same time, most of the ODROID users prefer to have a casing for these PCs to keep the components organized. We have this official KKSB Case for ODROID H2. This casing is made of high-grade steel. The designers have used laser-cut technology to minimize the possibility of defects. The good news is that this metallic case for ORDROID H2 can accommodate a couple of 2.5-inch SSDs.

Features of KKSB Case for ODROID H2

  • Official product from KKSB-Cases
  • Accommodates Cooling Fan (preferably 92mmx92mmx25mm DC Cooling Fan)
  • The casing has enough space to accommodate 2x SSDs (2.5-inch)
  • Material: High-Grade Steel (Powder-Coated)
  • Features a couple of pushbuttons (1x Power Button and 1x Reset Button)
  • Extended air-vents
  • There are rubber feet on the base to enhance stability
  • Cutouts for HDMI, 4x USB, 2x Ethernet Ports, Display Unit, Audio Input/Output, SPDIF Output, etc.
  • Dimensions: 153mm x 124mm x 103mm

Important Note

  • This offer DOES NOT include Cooling Fan, ODROID H2, and SSD.

Mounting KKSB Case for ODROID H2

The assembly of the KKSB Case for ODROID H2 is straightforward. When it comes to mounting the pushbuttons, you need to first put the buttons on the board. Carefully press the lid downwards while aligning the buttons along the holes. You can do it by using a screwdriver or a think stick. Or else, this video demonstration can walk you through the complete assembly process.